Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Day of Love - and Hatred

Israeli authorities are ‘convinced’ that Jewish extremists perpetrated the firebombing of two adjacent homes in the northern West Bank Arab village of Kafr Duma during the early hours of Friday 31 July.

Three of four members of the young Dawabsha family have since died as a result of burns sustained during the Molotov cocktail attack. Many Israelis are outraged by what happened and like me, still hope against much material evidence that Jews were in no way involved and that the attack was part of a local feud.

The poem below is my own response to the affair which coincided with Tu B’Av – Israel’s Valentine’s Day.

Kafr Duma Attack


More Writing on Another Wall

 Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin -

You have been numbered, weighed, divided’

(Book of Daniel, 5:25)


I remember the moon

at Harvest, a bloated orb

birthing hate and heart-ache.


I remember too, where once

white-clad fireflies, we’d dart

through tremulous vines, garlanding

first loves with patterned lights of

whispered futures we’d never dare define.


But now? No!

Surely not the same!

They could not have been

our boys – their fathers’ sons –

who stole out that night –

not as ordained for lovers’ wooing.

But dressed to kill, their faces scarfed

against the murderous flames

they fuelled and then fanned.


There are no better days

for us than Tu B’Av and

its mirrored sister, the sacred

fast of Yom Kippur. But the

night of love that turned to

hate is that for which we’ll

now eternally atone.


Some say the fire at Kafr Duma

was set by local scoundrels working

on a feud. How clever to kill their

mortal foes; divert the blame and

foment yet more unreasoned hatred

against us Jews.


But the writing’s on the

Dawabsha family’s wall

for all to see. We may

pretend no more.


This is our revenge.

Long live the King Messiah’.

Don’t think the end is here.


© Natalie Wood (16 September 2015)

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Natalie Wood said...

'This is
our revenge. Long live the
King Messiah’.